Has David Lynch gone sane?


Jag hittade en David Lynch intervju från 2000 som jag inte läst på ett tag. Märklig man, Lynch. Lite utdrag:

You were once on the cover of Time magazine.

That's the kiss of death. Someone told me around that time that you have two years of bad luck. I don't know wether I made that come true because I heard it, but it was a bad time after that.

How do you feel about Twin Peaks now?

Well, I loved Twin Peaks. I loved the world of it. That's all I cared about - going into a world in a continuing story. Mark Frost and I never wanted to solve the murder of Laura Palmer. The second year, I would come back and do something every now and then, but basically I left it because you can't do everything.
I have misgivings about the way it went but I still - and always will - love the world.

What do you do instead of watching TV?

Well, I do watch some television. But I usually watch golf. I like to watch golf on TV. A lot.

You used to leave long messages on Julee Cruise's answerphone. You'd be going, "Julee...? Julee...?
Julee Cruise...? Pick up the phone Julee..." Did you think she was avoiding you...

I don't know. I can't remember that.

...or was it simply a distrust of answerphones?

I don't like 'em but they're very useful.

What's the message on your own?

Oh, I changed them through the years.

Do you leave comedy messages?

Yeah, some of them are absurd. But finding the right absurd one is the key. And I don't have one right now, 'cos I haven't thought of a good one.

Give me an example.

One said: "We're at the gun store. Get back to ya." People don't usually leave crank messages when they hear a thing like that.

Were you worried that you'd gone too far with Lost Highway? Yoy said earlier that endings are important but Lost Highway doesn't give one.

But that's important! I mean, it ends there! That's a beautiful ending in my book.

Linda Scott - I've Told Every Little Star


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